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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Final Post.

After much, much thought, I have decided that I shall be "retiring" this blog.  Simply put, I no longer have the time or resources to make the kinds of detailed posts as I had in the past.  I would love to bring back "Bodhi Leaves" at some point in the distant future but for now I shall be focusing my efforts on a new blog called "A Gentleman Pilgrim." It's dharma-themed travel blog that better suits my current blogging capacity.  If you've enjoyed any of the material on "Bodhi Leaves", then "Bodhi Steps" is certainly worth checking out.

I would thank all of my friends, near and far for all their help and support.  I would especially like to thank all of the readers, whether dedicated regulars or those led here via searches from afar.  At the end, my decision to keep "Bodhi Leaves" up has to do with you.  My writings and reflections shall remain as an offering to you all.

Lotuses for you all,
Buddhas to be,

Rob P.

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